Security Solutions.


In some circumstances, only physical surveillance can provide absolute verification of a person's actions, location and associates. We can advise you on when a surveillance operation is appropriate, and what alternatives might be. 

Surveillance is carried out by small teams of operators who coordinate their actions to minimise exposure, whilst obtaining accurate information including legally compliant video or photographic evidence.

Prior to conducting a surveillance operation, a consultation is important to ensure clients and operators have a full understanding of the objectives of the task, the details of the subject, and the risks and possible consequences of the operation.


Close Protection is the provision of qualified security professionals, who will detect and deter any potential threat to the protected client (or Principal), and where required avoid or counter any potential attack.

This can take many forms, from low-visibility protection to a high-profile deterrent, and resources will be allocated to suit the clients budget and individual requirements.

Close Protection Officers can integrate with a client's existing driver/chauffeur, or a suitable vehicle and security trained driver can be provided to ensure the highest standard of secure transport. Where required a Residential Security Team (RST) can be assigned to ensure round-the-clock security of the client, their family and their property.


Assessing your existing security arrangements and identifying weaknesses is a critical activity for organisations of all sizes, or for individuals with a high-profile or known threat.

A security assessment will give a clear written report  indicating the type and degree of existing threats, the severity of current risks and how these can best be mitigated against.  This will assist the client in deciding on a solution appropriate to the threat, available budget and the desired operational profile or lifestyle.

Fear Doirich can also provide project management to implement physical and technical solutions, or assist the client with further audits to ensure the new security profile is working effectively.


With a well-established network of suitably qualified and experienced operators and managers, we can assist with finding the right people for your security-roles, including screening and background checks in accordance with BS7858.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Help mitigate risks by improving your employees' skill sets with a bespoke course tailored to your needs. Common requirements include:

- CPR, First Aid at Work/Emergency First Aid at Work

- Travel Safety and Hostile Environment Training

- Emergency Management & Planning

- Incident response